Who We Are

The Lesotho Football Association is the sole custodian of football affairs which is internationally recognized by the international football fraternity.  The Association is an affiliate of the Federation of International Football Associations – FIFA, the Confederation of African Football – CAF and the Council of Southern African Football Associations – COSAFA internationally and the Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission – LSRC and the Lesotho National Olympic Committee – LNOC locally in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The Lesotho Football Association is an autonomous organisation with a legal persona.  The mandate of the Association is to develop, regulate and promote the sport of football in the Kingdom of Lesotho and also to be part of a global football family in the delivery of the same mandate.  The Association is present through-out the Kingdom of Lesotho and is rightfully referred to as the biggest sporting organisation in the country.


The Lesotho Football Association is a duly registered entity with the structures of the Kingdom of Lesotho. The currentorganisation was registered in 1994 following the football fraternity’s request for the sport to run its affairs independentlyfrom direct Government administration. It is worth mentioning that prior to 1994 and since independence, football affairsused to be managed directly by bodies which were appointed by the Government. The elite league then was managed bya body then known as the Senior Football Executive Committee – SFEC and the other leagues were managed by the JuniorFootball Executive Committee –JFEC.


There is a school of thought that football in the late 1900s was much better than what it is today. There are many
arguments for and against this school of thought depending on which side of the football political divide one argues from.One thing that we probably collectively agree on is that there have been highs and lows during the existence of football inLesotho. We all still remember when the Lesotho Senior National Team – Likuena qualified for the COSAFA SeniorChallenge in 2000. The country marvelled when Likuena defeated a very strong Cameroon side fresh from the FIFA WorldCup. The National Under 20 team of 2005 became the first and only national team to qualify for the finals of a Continental Competition in Benin and repeated the same feat in 2010 in South Africa. Had it not been because of the Ebola epidemicjust a few years ago, the team could have qualified for the third time for the CAF Youth Championships finals within aperiod of a decade. Likuena in 2012 performed very well in the COSAFA Cup that was held in Zambia. We had our lowssuch as the Senior Team getting knocked out of the Continental Competition by new comers Sao Tome in 2011, losing byseven goals to Ghana in the same year.
Our fluctuation between success and losses amplifies the need for better consistency in terms of our internationalperformances as well as our performances at local level – that is our development programs and the state of our local


To improve and develop the quality of the game, translate the wishes and expectations of the football fraternity into reality and resuscitate the enthusiasm of the supporters and restore the pride of the Nation in their National Teams.


We shall pursue excellence, efficacy and efficiency when controlling, managing and developing football in our daily lives by putting into place proper management systems and instilling the right frame of mind across all stakeholder levels.